Who are we?

The Ministry of Propaganda is a non-partisan, non-commercial marketing campaign whose goal is the survival of the human race and the planet. It seeks to awaken human minds and hearts through the medium known as propaganda.

The project was originally conceived in the summer of 2008 as an art installation that was designed for and exhibited at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO. It will be displayed again this year at the Burning Man arts festival in Nevada.


Why "propaganda?"

Though the word "propaganda" has traditionally held a negative connotation, we believe that propaganda is a tool whose moral value is equal to that of the person who wields it. Therefore, The MOP was founded on the following principles:

    • Non-commercialism. The materials produced by the Ministry will be offered for free in digital form. The site will not accept any advertising or commercial endorsements. Printed posters, stickers and other materials may be sold for a suggested donation to cover costs, but all proceeds will serve to further the work of the Ministry.
    • Non-partisanship. The Ministry will not endorse any politician or political party. This does not prevent it from critiquing the actions of politicians or parties.
    • Open-source. All materials will be released under a creative commons license. You may feel free to do what you want with them, as long as you credit the Ministry of Propaganda, do not use them for commercial purposes, and publish any derivative works under the same terms.