Frequently Asked Questions

Q: You say you're non-partisan. But the Republicans poster is clearly taking a side in the political debate. How do you reconcile this?

A: By non-partisan, the Ministry means it will never endorse a candidate or political party. We do not support the Democratic Party, the Libertarians, the Green Party, or any other political organization. Nonetheless, the actions of any party, candidate or group is fair game for our critiques. The Republicans poster was designed in 2008 after the GOP and its corporate sponsors had run the country into the ground. Don't worry; critiques of the Democratic Party and its corporate sponsors are coming.

Q: Is The MOP affiliated with any other political or activist organization.

A: No. The Ministry is entirely independent. However, we plan on including links to some of the other groups out there doing positive work on behalf of humanity and the planet. If you know of a group you would like to see promoted here, please send us a link and we will consider including it.

Q: Do you take submissions?

A: Not yet. But we do plan on expanding the Ministry to include activist-art materials from other artists and groups. However, any materials that are hosted by the Ministry must adhere to The MOP guidelines (non-commercial, non-partisan, open-source). If you are interested in submitting your art, write to us at

Q: Are the images used in the posters copyright free?

A: Not necessarily. As much as possible, we try to use public domain images. Nonetheless, we do, at times, use images that may fall under copyright. Because the Ministry is a non-commercial educational organization, we believe that this qualifies as Fair Use.
However, if you are the owner of a copyright on an image used by the Ministry and do not want it used in this way, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to remove it.

Q: What is the meaning of the apple with the K on it in The MOP logo?

A: The Ministry of Propaganda is, loosely speaking, a Discordian organization, which both is and is not an inherently contradictory term. The apple with a K is a symbol of Eris, that great rabble-rouser and patron goddess of Discordianism. If you'd like to know more, we recommend you start here.

Q. Are you insane?

A. Absolutely.